【ChildhoodFantasy】My adventure on the 1st day of Pride Month

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June just dawned upon us. It's commonly referred to as the beginning of summer, and as commonly AKA Pride Month if you pay attention to news and social media these days. Its banner is a Rainbow. This does make sense because rainbow can be seen more frequently in summer after showers than in other seasons. Accordingly June's calendar is as colorful as a rainbow. I posted its banner and calender in 2020. 

That's enough of the background. Now let me tell you my adventure on the first day of Pride Month. I was driving back home from my vacation at the Pacific coast. I stopped at a gas station for routine pumping gas and deflating bladder. To my despair, men's room was locked with a sign on its door stating "Out of service". I rushed to the cashier for help because my bladder was about to explode. The lady cashier smiled and said "I know, I know, it's urgent, you can use ladies' room, you can self-identify as a lady on the 1st day of Pride Month". Thus, I stepped into Ladies' room for the 1st time in my life. I felt so relieved after I emptied my bladder. I glanced at the inside of the ladies' room. There was nothing fancy to fullfill my childhood fantasy. In contrast it misses urinals that are essential piece in men's room. I thought absence of urinals in ladies' room is an outright discrimination against the transgender community. I decided to initiate a petition to add urinals to all public ladies' room as my way to celebrate Pride Month with the LGBTQ...... community. 

Enjoy reading and head spinning