【E外桃源】Alsace (Elssas in German)

楼主 (文学城)

Alsace (nowadays a region in northeast France) has long been a squabble between the French and German.  To us with mainland Chinese education background (I mean old), it is most famously known in the text book "The last lesson/class" by Alphonse Daudet (都德的最后一课).  In that, Alsace was about to be handed over to German Empire after the defeat of Franco-Prussian War. The Rhine river meanders through the region, which now serves as the physical border between the two countries..

Many years ago in September, I had the opportunity to travel to that region, on business per se.  Our hotel was in Baden Baden, Germany, a tourist town which is famous for its hot spring ever since the Roman time.  It was the peak season, the best weather, packed with tourists.  At days, we had to work in factory, but in the nights and weekends we treated ourselves with outdoor parties and explorations.  Other famous attractions of Baden Baden are those ancient castle ruins scattered around the hilltops at the edge of Black Forest mountain.  They are unattended, open to public. Most just have a sign at the entrance says "Be careful, enter at your own risk".  I have to say, to this day, darn, how exciting.

Hohenbaden Old Castle (Altes Schloss Hohenbaden), I was there, by the 2nd window from the right.  It was the 3rd level.

Over the weekend, we crossed the Rhine into France, to Strasburg. There we toured the grand Strasburg Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg). It is even grander than the Notre Dame de Paris if I may say.  Since the groundbreaking in the 11th centry, one of its tower is still not built. A gypsy singer was singing the play "Notre Dame de Paris" in the plaza in front of the church. When we lined up to climb the tower, a group of girls joyfully chitchatted in French and German, switching back and forth at will. Oh, how romantic.

The facade of the cathedral, I was on the tip and at the foot of it.  

So my friends, if you are ever in the region, dive in to the culture, cuisines, architectures and everything.  Time is a luxury there always in short supply.


By the way, the photos are dutifully plagirized via google search.  If you want more, google them.