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Just Wanted to Meet You down the Road

Why most of other animals on earth don’t travel, but human beings do? I asked many times and didn’t get any answer until I journeyed to Potala Palace, at Lhasa, Tibet.

Going to Tibet has always been the long-cherished wish of many people. The beautiful blue sky, clear clouds, and vast grasslands there are full of mysterious temptations. When the first holy sun shines on the white Mount Everest, when the sacred mountain and holy lake are sequentially illuminated by the morning light, when the golden roof of the temple blooms and shines, when the Potala Palace was draped in golden color to reveal his majesty... Here is the holy land on earth, Tibet high in the sky.

Walking in Tibet, you will always see some devout believers, kowtowing their heads, step by step towards their pilgrimage destination, the highest peak of faith, and the most peaceful place for their souls.

The power of faith is endless. In such a crowd, you will lament a lot of things in life.

It is said that in this yellow building was a place for Tsangyang Gyatso, the 6th Dalai Lama, to date with his lover Maggie Ami at night, under the silver moonlight. That moment standing in the front street, I seemed to hear a song coming by:

That year,
I squatted my head and crawled on the mountain road,
not for a summons,
just wanted to stick to your warmth.

That life,
I revolved around the mountains, rivers and the pagoda,
not for a second birth,
just wanted to meet you on the road.

Life is a journey going home of soul. Each of us is traveling to look for a home for soul. 

We met in Lhasa this time. Hopefully, see you in Lake Nalin next time, I will wait for you there. 









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