05/16 pinkcoin & playkey & leverj latest line information

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05/16 Latest information, PinkCoin (PINK) prices have dropped by 8.03% overall since the opening price, with a comprehensive ranking of 539, a comprehensive score of 3.2 points, a total market capitalization of 8,679,403 USD, a 24-hour trading volume of 41,935 USD, and a liquidity of 16,894,875PINK, which fluctuates during the latter half of the week. Larger.

Playkey (PKT) ranked 548 in the list, the value of a comprehensive drop of 6.84%, unit price of 0.5863 US dollars, a total market value of 7,992,156 US dollars, 24 hours trading volume of 418,241 US dollars, circulation of 16,894,875 PKT, a week into a downward trend.
Gladius token (GLA) rose slightly this week after a period of steady movement. Today’s price is currently up 1.39%, unit price 0.593816, comprehensive ranking 581, comprehensive score 2.6 points, total market value of 7,446,542 US dollars, 24 hours trading volume USD 21062, circulation 16894875GLA.

Leverj (LEV) today’s price decline is close to 10%, unit price of 0.068349 US dollars, a total market capitalization of 8071368 US dollars, a comprehensive ranking of 548, 24-hour trading volume of 8379 US dollars, circulation of 16894875LEV, a week market volatility, a smaller recovery.

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1.PinkCoin is a digital cryptocurrency based on Ethereum, with a global diamond reserve. Initially, a PinkCoin token represents 1% of the fixed value of the diamond pool. And 1 cent represents a fixed valuation of 1 US dollar. PinkCoin will be released under a smart contract. PINK promotes a social entertainment approach. And give a small surprise with a small contribution.

2.Playkey is a decentralized cloud gaming platform based on P2P and blockchain, dedicated to making all hardcore games run on any device without the need for high productivity CPUs and GPUs. Playkey Currency (PKT) is a virtual currency that is traded between players and miners on the platform.

3.Gladius is a decentralized solution to prevent ddos attacks, providing better protection and speeding up your transmission by allowing you to connect to a protection pool near you. With an easy-to-use interface and powerful insight tools, gladiu allows anyone to use and accelerate their website. Maintain the comfort and availability of traditional services while reducing costs and tailoring to your needs. With an easy-to-use interface and powerful insight tools, Gladius makes it possible for anyone to protect and accelerate their web pages.

4.Leverj aims to combine decentralized exchanges and derivatives trading by reducing the friction points of each solution. The project focuses on derivatives trading and establishes an ecosystem of cryptocurrency. Leverj is a decentralized, encrypted trading platform that provides a solution to the inherent risks of trading platforms.