I864 填表问题

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我给老婆申请F2A 现在要填I864 ,我给老婆担保
PART 3 Information About the Immigrants You Are Sponsoring
1. I am sponsoring the principal immigrant named in Part 2.
Yes No (Applicable only if you are sponsoring family members in Part 3. as the second
joint sponsor)
2. I am sponsoring the following family members immigrating at the same time or within six months of the principal immigrant named in Part 2. (Do not include any relative listed on a separate visa petition.)
我给老婆担保 就我一人 直接选yes,下面第二项 不用选吧,Family member 里还用填老婆的信息 还是不用?如果填的话,relationship 是wife 对吧。
Sponsor's Household Size
2.Yourself. 1
3.If you are currently married, enter "1" for your spouse. 1
最后house size 还是1 吧