Cuomo 是不是应该和川普比比谁的手大

楼主 (未名空间)


As New York governor Andrew Cuomo tried to focus on work on Monday, one of
his sexual harassment accusers met for more than four hours with
investigators working for the state attorney general.

Charlotte Bennett revealed new details about Cuomo’s behavior and what she said was a “sexually hostile work environment”, according to her lawyer,
including a claim the governor frequently made suggestive remarks about the size of his hands.

“One piece of new information that came to light today was the governor’s preoccupation with his hand size and what the large size of his hands
indicated to Charlotte and other members of his staff,” her lawyer, Debra
Katz, said in a statement.

Bennett, 25, is one of a number of women who have accused Cuomo of
harassment. Some have said he demeaned them with nicknames or objectifying
remarks, subjected them to unwanted kisses and touches or asked about their sex lives. A few, including Bennett, said they believed the governor was
gauging their interest in a sexual relationship.