Weak EB1A PP-RFE-Approved (IO 2012) --Timeline!

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RD: 11/09/2020
RFE After PP: 03/30/2021
AD: 08/24/2021


Ph.D. in Dentistry, 27 publications, 358 Citations and 26 Reviews.

The client retained us for EB1A Petition. We prepared reference letters,
advised the client regarding all aspects of case preparations, and drafted
the petition Letter. The case was approved by USCIS on August 24, 2021.

More specifically, in the RFE, the IO stated that “The evidence indicates
the petitioner's work has been cited by others in the field, but the
evidence does not demonstrate how the petitioner's contributions impacted
the field in a major and significant way. In addition, in regards to the
peer review service conducted by the petitioner, these are inherent and
common activities in the research field and does not establish that a given research work is original and contributed to the field in a major and
significant way.”

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