Petition letter和 RFE response的长度

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可是最近律师把起草的RFE response给我看, 又是46页.我发现律师喜欢引用很长篇幅

大家在这方面的经验是什么呢? Petition letter和 RFE response什么长度合适,简要/详细到什么程度才好? RFE response很关键,再失败就没机会了.谢谢.

我当初申请时PL总共一页, 直接通过没有RFE

Dear Sir or Madam,

I submit herewith supporting materials for E-filing of Form I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker for a National Interest Waiver (USCIS receipt
number: SRCXXXXXXXX). I am a XXXXXX working on XXXXXXX. I have published
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. My works have been introduced in major media, including XXXXXXXXXXX. I am also the author of XXXXXXXXXXXX.

I received my Ph.D. degree in XXXXXX from XXXXXX University, and hold XXX
master’s degrees from XXXXXX. I believe that my education, experiences, and publications have demonstrated that I can serve the U.S. national interest to a substantially greater degree than would an available U.S. worker having the same minimum qualifications.

The enclosed materials are:
1. Form I-140 (with foreign address in native alphabet)
2. Photocopy of social security card, passport, H1B visa stamp, I-797A,
and I-94.
3. 2010 W-2 form and a recent pay stub.
4. ETA part B form¬ – 2 copies in original.
5. Curriculum Vitae
6. Publications
7. Citations
8. Published materials about me and my research
9. Reviews and recommendations for my monograph
10. Evidence of serving as judge of work of others
11. Documentation of educational background
12. Invitations to speak in conferences, to contribute a book chapter/a
paper in a journal special issue, and to participate in expert survey (as
evidence of recognition in the discipline.)

Please process and acknowledge receipt.