Pflugerville, TX买房?

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Austin,TX,正准备买房,发现Pflugerville, TX 一片的房子学区不错,房子很新,价格也合适。不知道有没有住在奥斯汀的朋友介绍一下, 那一块适合中国国人住吗?我



Pflugerville is cheap (relatively speaking) for a reason. Historically it's not the most desirable part of the town and its economy goes through more
boom and bust cycles. The population there is quite mixed with a lot of
blue collar. That however is changing somewhat as Austin overall is growing significantly in the past 10-15 years.

For family housing, overall for Austin North is more desirable than South
and West is more desirable than East. The most expensive part of the town
is Westlake, as its HS is one of the two best HS in Austin (outside of
magnet school). Housing there for 4 bed+ will most definitely be over 7
figures at a minimum. It's a very "white" part of the town. The other
best HS in Austin (per US News ranking) is Westwood. This is in the North
West (78750, 78759). Housing costs b/w $500k to 1mil. This is where most
asian live (if they can afford it) and there's good proximity to a lot of
asian shops/markets (chicken and egg?)

There are other clusters of newer developments with some asian
concentrations such as avery ranch (further north), circle c (way south),
etc. But nothing beats Westwood school feeder pattern due to combination of school quaility and convenience.

If you don't have a family, then you shouldn't restrict yourself to areas
with good schools. I would suggest you choose somewhere that's 1) close to work to save commune time 2) convenient for your lifestyle (shopping,
activities, etc.) You can always upgrade later when you start a family.


Cedar Park is good. School is good. The house price is not expensive.