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Title: Operations and Logistics Manager
Location: Chicago, IL
Report To: BD Director
How to Apply: Please E-mail your resume to: [email protected]

• About PTM Biolab Inc
The mission of PTM Biolab Inc is to address the unmet needs of life sciences and precision medicine, by creating and supplying innovative technologies
in the fields of antibody reagents, proteomics and bioinformatics. Our
products and services have been profoundly expediting research for protein
post translational modifications (PTMs), epigenetics, protein quantification, drug target screening, and biomarker discovery. On the strength of our
unique technology platforms, our reagents and proteomics service are widely used in leading life science research community and pharmaceutical companies. PTM Bio is headquartered in Hangzhou, China, with wholly owned subsidiary in Chicago, United States. For more information, please visit

Job Description
• Serve as the point of contact for customers; Ensure customer
satisfaction by providing expertise feedback for technical inquiries, and
respective solutions pertaining to company’s products and service.
• Process customer orders or other business activities by following SOPs.
• Perform inventory management related functions.
• Handle domestic and international shipping of company products.
• Other work assignments based on current needs and the individual
’s experience and strength.

Qualifications and Skills:
• BS or MSc degree in life sciences
• Basic biological laboratory skills; solid knowledge in antibodies, and hands-on experiences in using antibody is highly desirable
• Excellent oral and written communication skills for effective and efficient transfer of information
• Strong customer service mindset
• Highly proficient analytical and Microsoft Excel skills
• Attention to detail and multiple-task capability to meet
• Independent, trustworthy, and reliable