smell the roses (cliche, sounds cool)

楼主 (未名空间)

"smell the roses"


enjoy or appreciate what is often ignored.
Where did those cliches come from?

If you’re working on a big project for school and are almost done, you
might say, “I see the light at the end of the tunnel!” The image created
by that phrase is easily understood.

But today we call that expression a cliche (pronounced klee-shay). When
first used many years ago, it sounded very clever. Lots of people started
using the same phrase. Now it has been used so much we think of it as
overused, common or trite.

Interestingly, phrases that many adults consider to be cliches may sound
really cool to kids who have never heard them. That’s because cliches are
easily remembered and have a very recognizable meaning. “Stop and smell
the roses” is a cliched way of saying slow down, enjoy life, notice the
beauty along the way.

"smell the roses" ... "Smells of Roses"

Smells of Roses 把悲傷留給自己 英文版


Smells Of Roses 把悲傷留給自己 英文版

Here in the garden, among the flowers
Smells of roses that fill my head
And the sun beams through the tree trunks
Dancing around me in purple red
And the rivers always flowing
And like love it finds its way
I sing my song when the wind blows
All misgivings I will allay
But what if night time lingers over