the ghost of the new chicken tastes private equity reappear

楼主 (未名空间)

The blade licks blood, the ghost of the new chicken tastes private equity
The prospect is dangerous, investors urgently need to report Guo Laojie
On November 23, Guo Wengui was broadcast live in the basement of Kangzhou.
He clearly stated that the new GTV no longer accepts investment from his
comrades, nor does he accept refunds from the SEC. However, he pretended to regret the comrades who had not licked GTV’s ass and said yes. "I regret
more than a million times for not keeping up with the GTV bus," and
complained that the old squad leader, Changdao brother and other iron-
blooded masters made their comrades miss the opportunity to eat meat. It
seems like a posture of caring for investors, but it is actually a bad deal. Under the prestige of the SEC administrative order, the new GTV publicly
violated the judicial order, closed its hand in the dark, but kept smashing it in secret. This operation is doomed to death. Investors trapped in the
siege of GTV, as well as comrades who are eager to invest in the new GTV,
hurry up and report to the SEC and FBI. Stop the loss in time.
As everyone knows, as early as early June last year, Guo Wengui announced
the end of GTV private placement. This was Guo Wengui's compelling decision based on the strict inspection and control of regulatory agencies in Canada, the United States, Australia and other places. After fighting, Guo Wengui
played a new trick, openly announced the transfer of GTV private equity
activities to the BVI (Virgin Islands), restarted, and declared that the
shares of the original GTV investors would be replaced with the shares of
the new version of GTV. Guo Wengui imagined that through this operation, he would evade judicial supervision, and be able to carry out the fraud to the end, continue to attract investment, and smash the bones and suck the silly comrades-in-arms. Ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. On September 13, the SEC in the United States finally smashed Guo Wengui with a big
judicial stick after a year of detailed investigation. The punishment of 529 million not only caused Guo Lao to be bullied, but also gave the chicken
series building more time. Worry of collapse. At that time, the SEC made it clearer that it would follow up and control financial frauds that violated
regulations. As a result, the hicoin, which has been clamoring for listing
since April, has obviously fallen into the scope of judicial monitoring from the beginning. If one step beyond the thunder pool, the fate of GTV will be replicated again and fall on Xibi. Now, since Xibi is very arrogant, its
future can naturally be imagined. My comrades-in-arms, investing in the new GTV and HiCoin is a must.
However, it is Guo Wengui's nature to walk the tightrope at high altitude,
which can better reflect Guo Wengui's stubbornness. As everyone knows, the
current paper value of Xibi is around 4 trillion yuan. As Kalixi predicts,
it is not a dream that Xibi will rise to 1,000 US dollars. It stands to
reason that all HiCoin investors should like to go all the way. However, Guo Wengui has already issued a ban on Xibi cash withdrawal. At present, the
Farm Union Committee is preparing to sign the so-called three-year blockade agreement with investors. Guo Wengui issued a ruthless statement that the
biggest task now is to oppose the communism and destroy the communists. In
this way, Xibi investors must also actively develop offline. And investing
in the new GTV private equity through the happy dollar is an excellent way
to lose faith and show loyalty. Therefore, even though Guo Lao Qimingli
announced on November 23 that he would stop the new GTV private placement,
the undercurrent surging, his secret actions have not stopped. It is
reported that the Aussie Special Forces Brigade and Aussie Farm have
privately announced that they will invest in the new GTV private placement
through the Xicoin, and the deadline is scheduled to be December 30. Guo
Wengui's move is to completely enclose Xibi Investment and GTV Private
Equity in the Guo's scam. Eating bones and not spitting scum is extremely
evil. All comrades in arms, please be vigilant.
Of course, Guo Wengui secretly instigated a new GTV private placement, and
kneaded GTV private placement with Xibi Investment, which is even more
compelling. Old Guo lied to his friends all over the world, and he could
borrow tens of billions of dollars in minutes, the kind that he didn't have to pay back. On November 24, the person even boasted that the investment in two Japanese companies now has a market value of several hundred million,
and he threatened that "the future chicken series is beyond your imagination." All of these are Guo Wengui's obscenities. Guo Wengui is a negative man, not a rich man. He is already a louse on his head. If it is not, why can't
it be delayed because it still owes US$85 million? ! It is reported that the SEC has approached Wang Yanping to call for payment a few days ago.
Moreover, the US$186 million in the PAX case, and LadyMay’s long-term
detention, the Southern District Court of New York imposed a daily fine of
US$500,000 (from March 17th), and nearly US$2.7 billion in borrowing from
the Al-China Fund, and maintenance The operation of New Gate, Happy Coins,
and New GTV is difficult to support the expenses of foreign comrades.
Therefore, despite the SEC's repeated warnings that the high-hanging sword
will land at any time, Guo Wengui had to take risks. He was not seeking
wealth and wealth, but riding a tiger and had to do it. But in this way,
Brother Bullying is not far from extinction.
GTV was stopped by the SEC, not because of the failure of private equity,
but because of financial fraud. This is an essential distinction. Xibi, four no products, no financial license so far, neither runs on the blockchain,
nor does it have a third-party platform for notarization. It is the same as GTV and will sooner or later become the target of judicial strikes. Although Guo Wengui promised that Xibi would not lose a penny to his comrades, but
at the same time he said that he would not bear any responsibility.
Obviously, this side confirmed the dirty nature of Xibi. The kneading of GTV private equity and Xibi investment is even more of Guo Wengui's evil
intention to devour the investment funds for Xibi. Your comrades-in-arms do not want to be deceived, so don't hesitate to report it.