Clinical SAS Training Program, H1B Sponsorship

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We are excited to invite you to our Clinical SAS Training Program. Our
program is designed to show you the full extent of the clinical trial
development process, help you gain essential real-world programming skills, and get you ready for challenging client interviews.

The program usually lasts for 3 months (time will vary based on your current knowledge of clinical trial and SAS skill). During the training, you are
going to get:

1. Comprehensive knowledge of clinical trial design.
2. Full understanding of data analyzing processes, including data collection, data manipulation, statistical model and submission output mock-ups.
3. CDISC structure, including both SDTM and ADaM, which is an FDA
requirement for all clinical studies.
4. Essential programming skills learnt through real-world projects. Real-
world data and SAP will be provided to insure you can learn skills that are closest to the real work place.
5. Resume services.
6. Interview question bank and sample answers will be taught, several rounds of mock-interviews will be given. The goal is to make you well prepared to pass any kinds of interviews.
7. Find job for you and sponsor your H1B

With our professional knowledge and carefully customized training program,
RioConsulting will stand with you to pursue a successful career as a
Clinical SAS Programmer. Feel free to contact me any time if you have any

Best regards,

Jay Luo
HR director, Rio Consulting LLC
Email: [email protected]