We are looking for top scientists all over the world!

楼主 (未名空间)

we are actively hiring global talents with the shared vision to join our
efforts in deciphering some of the most challenging diseases, and to
translating scientific discoveries from bench to bedside.


You will:
 The chemistry group seeks medicinal or organic chemists with
experience in organic synthesis. You will design synthetic routes and
execute the synthetic steps for bioactive compounds, including warheads and linkers of antibody-drug conjugates.
 You are expected to draw conclusions from data analysis, and
scout literature for reaction design and propose new ideas.
 You will work with the internal chemists and external CROs to do technical transfer for the timely progress of projects.

You have:
 Ph.D. (0 - 2 years experience) or M.S. (0 - 5 years experience) in Medicinal or Organic Chemistry.
 Extensive knowledge of medicinal or organic chemistry, good
analytical skills, including the characterization of compounds using NMR, LC-MS.
 Good knowledge of lab safety, maintain lab safety with
 Keep clear and complete records of experiments and data.
 Excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills. Team player with a strong desire to achieve broad team goals.


Is it still avaible? How can I apply?


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: Is it still avaible? How can I apply?
: thanks

Yeah,welcome, you can email us ——[email protected]