We are Hiring!

楼主 (未名空间)


Senior scientist

You will:
1. Cooperate with the team to build bioinformatics platform, including
pipeline maintenance and database construction. Need to develop
independently analysis pipeline and integrate public and internal datasets
to make internal database.
2. Familiar with analysis of scRNAseq data from 10x genomics and TCR/BCR
scRNAseq data. Ability to programming for scRNAseq data analysis is a Plus. Cooperate with the innovative laboratories to communicate our needs and pair the computational biology team with our drug discovery team.
3. Analyze and correlate omics data independently to characterize and
understand tumor biology and biomarker discovery to facilitate new drug

You have:
1. Bioinformatics Doctor
2. Proficient in Linux / R / python and with WGS / WES / WTS / bulk-RNAseq / sc-RNAseq data analysis experiences.
3. SCI articles published mainly on NGS data analysis are preferred.
4. Proficient in English communication, reading and writing.

Contact with me:
e-mail [email protected]