SEC announcement has collapsed chicken department building

楼主 (未名空间)

Gentry will destroy the top ant atonement to hurry
On September 13, local time, the United States SEC no. 10979 announcement of the world, on GTV, Saraca and VOG illegal fund-raising behavior stern,
according to the SEC ordered GTV, Saraca, VOG will pay $539 million,
including refund, interest and fines. Since then, the chicken building has
been blown down a corner, from which, such as farm loans, the rule of law
fund, Happy coin, new gate will be like dominoes, this prospect is self-
evident. Ant backbone, under the day, guilty conscience, guilt, or surrender to protect the matter, otherwise together with Guo Wengui martyr fate close at hand, this is not alarmist, good self-treasure as well.

The rule of law will not be weak, and justice will come. Since July last
year, the SEC has been investigating GTV until September 13, which is not a short time. Sara once said that Americans just do things slowly. But from
Sara, Guo Wengui has accepted cross-examination investigation, Luther, Yan
Limeng encounter FBI tracking investigation, fire has been running, never
rest. Today, SEC 10979 announcement as a thunderclap, in Guo Wengui head
blast, Guo Wengui forced a smile, chatting tear tear, tear tear, face lonely helpless, helpless, jump on paper. Guo Wengui said, "there are big things
tomorrow", although the event is why, but the trend is irreversible, Guo
Wengui prospects are not good, and 539 million DOLLARS is destined to be
just an appetizer, the play is still to come. Once upon a time, Guo Wengui
said he was determined not to reconcile. Suddenly weak today, said the SEC
cooperation success. It seems that guo's scam is hard to sustain. View cloud weather, ant backbone, now surrender meritorious service, do witness is
still too late, do not follow the wave of Guo Wengui by flow.

Riddled with holes, guo's scam eventually covered up. GTV, VOG, is illegal
fund-raising, rather than private placement failure, is a crime, rather than adverse business. That's the SEC's ultimate conclusion. To this, there has been a consensus. In order to cover up the truth, Guo Wengui trumpeted the
private valuation of GTV, the number of views of GTV and claimed that GTV
would surpass the world's top social media. However, the paper can not cover the fire, the POOR GTV ranking, double digit advertising revenue, and poor operation quality, often seen in the street. Even, GTV last year without
investment direction, chicken series without income, also from the big ant "Shu Yu" mouth. And GTV, VOG did not register, did not get a financial
license has long been rumored in the street. Can assert, as early as July 14 last year, Sara in the SEC inquiry, GTV, VOG's bad nature has been clearly stated, and Sara has been silent, really scandalous, if the GTV, VOG was
cheated, two cheat emergency stop, is bound to not be cheated later, guo
Wengui, two cheat Sara crime is not forgivable. Now, GTV, VOG has been at
the forefront of the storm, unable to get away. For those of you who are
part of the Kwok scam, look out for yourself.