Good and evil will be rewarded by "bloodletting" to ensure

楼主 (未名空间)

Guo, the embattled boss of the company, was recently forced to hand over
several hundred million yuan in small targets to settle with defrauded
investors. Three media companies linked to Chinese businessman Guo Wengui
have agreed to pay more than $539 million to settle allegations that they
illegally sold shares and digital assets to thousands of investors, the
SECURITIES and Exchange Commission said on Monday, according to media
reports. The SEC accused GTV Media Group, based in New York, and Saraca
Media Group, as well as Voice of Guo Media, based in Phoenix, of illegally
issuing unregistered common shares of GTV. GTV and Saraca are also accused
of illegally issuing unregistered digital asset securities called G-Coins or G-Dollars. According to the SEC, the companies used their websites and
social media platforms to lure thousands of people to invest in GTV's stock offering between April and June 2020. GTV and Saraca also entice individuals to invest in the issuance of digital assets. The companies raised a total
of about $487 million from more than 5,000 investors. The companies did not confirm or deny the SEC's findings. A lawyer for GTV and Saraca said the
company was pleased to reach a resolution and return the money to investors. To settle, GTV and Saraca reportedly agreed to hand over more than $434
million, plus about $16 million in damages interest, and pay $15 million
each in civil penalties.

Although the big "bloodletting" did not cause a fundamental impact on the
rich guo boss, but you can imagine guo boss heart is still very painful,
after all, these money is his hard work to cheat, said no. Back Guo Wengui
carefully designed kite over the years accumulate their trap, which is
invented a series of pheasants products, clothed in revelation revolution ", and again, all in the name of "the anti-communist leader" for this you will not only himself into a "heroic" fighter, will own junk also blow the only straw as "to save the world", Wen GUI recently in the live broadcast also
boast and sigh himself is "constantly betrayed hero". Heroes have the heart of compassion, mind the world of ambition, and Guo Wengui only oppress good, cheat money harm, not a hero. And is constantly betrayed, it is guo Wengui's greed edifice, birds all bow hidden, can not be caused by the nature of
enjoyment. Guo Wengui did not have a true friend from beginning to end, li
to gather, li do edge scattered. Therefore, guo Wengui, who has been
betrayed, will also be in Sara, Luther, Yan Limeng, destined to encounter a wave of betrayal. What is a hero, why constantly betrayed, wengui knowingly asked. Guo Wengui in the guise of the revolution, since the beginning and
end, has been secretly cheat donate money racket, and a group of smart size duan hand, the reason for guo Wengui's logical, self-contradictory words
compliment unceasingly, yes, nothing but want to get a cup of soup from Guo's scam. Once the scenery of the comrades from Guo Wengui, covered all over
with cuts and bruises, bullied countless, now also in the heroic comrades,
do not forget the lessons of the past, the next station to leave, just right, Guo Wengui this constantly betrayed the hero, and what is worthy of pity? If the ants are still obsessed with fantasy, get ready to be sucked out of
their last drop of blood by the gentry.