Rummors and truth of COVID-19

楼主 (未名空间)

During the second half year of 2019, unexpected pandemic which was caused by a coronavirus attacked the earth, infecting 230 million people,according to the WHO data, taking 4.7 millions' life. The virus looks like the corona
under the microscope of scientists,hence the name coronavirus. Coronavirus
is widespread in the nature, and most of it are harmless. But COVID-19, also knonwn as SARS-Cov-II, is the third type of coronavirus bringing disasters to human being. The first one is SARS, and the second one is MERS.
The old are major dead victims of COVID-19 and they mainly die of loss of
lung function and complications caused by Hypoxemia etc, leaving people in
the first widespread pandemic in the century since 1918 Spanish flu.
Unfortunately, the whole world can't unite to fight against COVID-19 but
find ourselves in the mire of blame and vituperation. What happened since
the outbreak of COVID-19 was just like what was predicted in Event 201
organized by CDC and CIA in 18th October 2019, rummor predominated the
Internet and every corner of the society, making people impossible to tell
the truth from the lies.
For instance, wikipedia even created an account for "COVID-19
misinformation", containing rumors including "the virus was leaked from
Chinese lab", "5G mobile network mutated the virus", "virus was brought by
meteor", "the virus was leaked from Canadian lab". At the same time, the
spokemen of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC repetedly
put the blame on the biological and chemical weapon research isntutions (
Fort Detrick )of USA and professor Baric who is also named as the father of COVID-19. This is the reason why the leaders and scientists are so caustions when talking about the orgin of COVID-19.
So what is the real truth?