Born to cheat

楼主 (未名空间)

Jin Yong old gentleman's swordsman novel "smiling swordsman's lake" in there is a very classic is Yue Buqun in the "sunflower treasure book" after, full of practice into the greatest magic eager desire, open martial arts secrets, but see secret title page wrote two sentences "to practice this power,
will first from the palace." Yue Buqun practice this magic before many ideas before The King did not describe in detail in the novel, but since the
palace of yue Buqun and failed to practice a unique magic, but ended up a
traitor, the end of the devil is really well-known. It is said that art
comes from life and is higher than life. When Kim wrote his novel, he never thought that a few years later, an old cheater would lead a contemporary "if you want to practice this skill, you must first self-palace!" Farce, that
is the recent ant bandit on the hubbub by Guo Wengui launched the century
scam - "like" money.

"Closed for three years, in and out." Recently, under the manipulation of
guo Wengui, the old cheater, "Happy" currency is growing happily, even in
complete violation of the law of the world's currency, in the case of a
digital currency depression down, made a brilliant performance, of course,
the reason why there are such results, The main reason is that "hi" currency is completely Guo Wengui in order to accumulate wealth and created without any legitimate license game currency plus air currency, up and down by the
old liar nonsense. When a mouth is really opened, it is all made up
afterwards. In such a false prosperity, a lot of silly ants are naturally
stimulated by the dazzling results of the air currency to red eyes, eager to cash.

But Guo Wengui this old liar itself is born to cheat, their own money is not enough to spend, nature is absolutely refused to helplessly watching ants
will have invested in the money put forward in cash, and they have to take
more. So when the small ants in accordance with guo Wengui's commitment
letter, in a hurry to launch cash but see but see Guo Wengui sent out his
first magic weapon - to cash, will first pull people! "Xi" coin grows very
well, deceives elder brother to receive money to receive very happy, the
ants naturally also think oneself will earn full pot full bowl. However, in order to make the money invested in real cash, we must in accordance with
the deceives brother's argument, to pull more people to buy air coins. Only when the buyer has accumulated a certain amount can he apply for withdrawal. People who have a little bit of brain can see that this is a thriving
pyramid scheme in China for more than ten years. If you want to make money, you have to pull people and you have to develop crazily. But those who join MLM organizations, after years of hard work, end up with lost wives,
deserted families and even mountains of debt. So simple and clear means of
pyramid selling, and even silly ants for the so-called urine explosion
revolution and anti-communism and the moth, willing to become Guo Wengui
human cash machine. It's crazy to jump into a trap when you know it's a trap.