Google Pay 羊毛

楼主 (未名空间)

注册,然后和好友转帐或者消费$10,可以获得$21 reward, refer link:

Google pay referral bonus $21 both sides each for up to 3 friends:

a) Pay for your groceries or any other shopping with your phone using google pay (I do this all the time and very convenient)

b) Transfer money to friends. Never done this personally but seems straight forward.

另外还有用google pay消费,target的offer不错,消费满50刀返回21刀:

There's a rewards deal in the new Google Pay app (along with the $21
referral cashback for your first payment, if you use a referral code), which is $21 back on a $50+ spend at Target, when you enroll a card. See the
images in this post for the terms...

Here's the link to the other deal: