openai sam被排挤重磅内幕来了

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果然是这个interim ceo 假学历mira和board搞的鬼
Dear Mira and Ilya - congratulations on your coup at OpenAI. Since both of you have together never raised a penny as entrepreneurs, let me explain what happens.
Oh, and you *will* need to raise since your venture’s unit economics don’t make sense. Remember, you pay $0.30 every time someone asks a doofus question to ChatGPT. Heck, I sometimes ask the same thing 5 times. 
Also, the last deal at $80 billion valuation - is as dead as the Egyptian pharaohs. Glorious to write about and visualize. But super dead, under the sand, not coming back. 
Not only that - but you sideswiped your biggest partner, Microsoft. Of course publicly they will say the right thing, but you know and they know it and a random fellow like me knows it - they must be seething mad about it. 
Few of your top researchers have already quit, and if there is one thing Sam Altman is especially good at, it is raising and deploying capital. Before the sign with your name and title as “CEO” and “Defacto CEO” gets emblazoned in the OpenAI offices, Sam would have a new company, $1 billion investment and offers out to all your, soon to be ex, top product people and researchers. 
这哥么都不是OpenAI 的人,哪那么多comments
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