My For-Help Email to Russian Consulate in New York

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My For-Help Email to Russian Consulate in New York by Limin Wang Sept. 22, 2022
[It's sent from my gmail account to [email protected]]
Sept. 22, 2022 Dear Consulate General Of The Russian Federation in New York,
I contacted this consulate before, and the situations of myself and my family at New York City have deteriorated to become homeless too as soon as Oct. 03, 2022. The American Evil System has persistently inflicted physical, physiological, psychological injuries to me and my family. Is there a way for me to get "an invitation to visit Russia"? My head and spine have been severely and permanently injured first at slavery workplace and then at "workers' compensation" "medical clinics", but the American Evil System denies not only the injuries but also any chance to have real medical diagnoses and treatment.
Looking forward to hearing from Russia.
Limin Wang Victim of the American Evil System