Idaho 州 新冠住院病人爆了,州宣布:医疗资源有限,只能优先抢救有机会康复的。。。。。。

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BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has activated Crisis Standards of Care across the entire state of Idaho due to the state''''s massive influx of COVID-19 patients being hospitalized. The surge, IDHW says, has exhausted existing resources in all areas of Idaho.
Crisis Standards of Care (CSC) was activated in northern Idaho back on September 6. This activation now expands that declaration to the rest of the state.

All of Idaho now under Crisis Standards of Care as COVID-19 surges
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What does this mean?
This declaration essentially gives hospitals and other treatment facilities across the state the option of implementing care rationing strategies if or when they become necessary. Hospitals will use Crisis Standards of Care on an as-needed basis, according to their own policies. Hospitals and facilities that are managing under their current circumstances can continue to do so.