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Budget Reconciliation(就是参院50-50能过的)今年只能再用一次。这样意味着Biden下面的几个法案无法拆散分别通过,需要一揽子通过,加大了难度,需要更多妥协
Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough has effectively ruled that only one more automatic budget reconciliation is permissible this year, dealing a blow to Democrats who previously thought they would have two more chances to sidestep Republicans in advancing President Biden's agenda.
MacDonough ruled that a revision to the 2021 budget resolution cannot be automatically discharged from the Senate Budget Committee, meaning Democrats would need at least one Republican on the 11-11 panel to vote with them. The bombshell ruling effectively means Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) will be able to use only one more reconciliation vehicle to pass Biden's key legislative priorities this year. He will not be able to divide up the $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan and the $1.8 trillion American Families Plan, as well as Biden's calls to expand Medicare and lower the price of prescription drugs, into multiple reconciliation packages, as was envisioned only a few weeks ago.
Anything that Schumer wants to pass through the Senate with a simple-majority vote in 2021 will have to go into one budget reconciliation package.
真的。reconciliation用的没完没了的。根本没有民主程序。有本事就好好的pass一个民主通过的tax increase.
今早Bloomberg的文章说 通过了也就有两年的gdp boost 且是从将来借来续命的 剩下的都是无穷尽的stagnation
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为什么不叫川普那时候有本事就好好的pass一个民主通过的tax cut