Added: Lululemon, Cole Haan Bootie and Anthropologie dresses

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Non-CC PayPal only. No return or exchange please. Please text me directly for any item(s) you want. Also text me your address for shipping estimate. All tax for Anthropologie dress are already waived. 优先要的多的 and will discount shipping if possible.
Gone New in Box, Cole Haan Harrington Grand Slouch Bootie 7C(Wide) $50+tax+shipping

Both gone 2.NWT Anthropologie Glanz Dress size 2&4, $40 each+shipping Size 4 is gone.
3.NWT Anthropologie Rose Bouquet dress 0P, $50+shipping
4.NWT Chocolate Chip dress size 0, $40+shipping
5.NWT Time Gone By dress, size0, $60+shipping. One side of the garment tag came loose.
Gone 6.The famous Around the World dress, size 0, Only worn a couple of times and is in good condition. Need some ironing or dry cleaning. $25+shipping 7.NWT Anthropologie Scalloped lace dress, size 2, $60+shipping
Gone 8.NWT Lululemon Aligh Tank-Diamond Dye Cassis Black, size 4, $29+2.68tax+shipping. Prefer to go with Cole Haan bootie.

Gone 9.NWT Anthropologie sea turtle dress, size 6, $10+shipping. Shell is 100% silk. Prefer to go with Cole Haan bootie. 9.5 NWT Anthropologie sea turtle dress. Found a size 4 for $40+shipping.
10.NWT Anthropologie Sketched Danios dress, size 2, $40+shipping. One side of the loops that holds the sash came off, which can easily be fixed with a few stiches.
11.NWT Anthropologie Aine skirt, size 4, $20+shipping. 12.NWT Anthropologie Great Escape dress, size 4, $40+shipping Gone 13.NWT Anthropologie Japonica Dress, size 0, $40+shipping
14.New in Box Cole Haan Oxford size 7.5B, $50+shipping
15.NWT Anthropologie dress, size 4, $10+shipping. Prefer to go with 14. Cole Haan Oxford.

16.NWT Anthropologie size 0 or 2, $50(might be cheaper)+shipping. Need to double check both size and price.
17.NWT Anthropologie Sungrove maxi dress, size XS, $50+shipping (bought higher but reduced price), Will take $40 if going with Cole Haan Oxford. Wrinkled during storage.

18.NWT Anthropologie Artist Rendering dress, size 2, $50+shipping
先排上2.NWT Anthropologie Glanz Dress size 2&4, $40 each+shipping
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Great! Which size?
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pai 9.NWT Anthropologie sea turtle dress, size 6
排个.Lululemon Aligh Tank-Diamond Dye Cassis Black mm是nwt吧?
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Yes, it is NWT. There's a few more MMs in line.
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Thanks. Please PM me if it fell through
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Sorry, it's gone.