B(DS)M光谱中的支配与臣服之旅 (X-rate & 18+)不喜勿插

楼主 (北美华人网)
主题宗旨:给读者 机会 从我们的实际生活分享中 得多了解 我先生与我 如何建立和经营着適用於我兩的 支配与臣服 的夫妻关系。 並無鼓吹或教育成分。 大家都知道BDSM一词。在公开网站的词条上是这么解释的:BDSM这个名词是用来描述一些彼此相关的人类性行为模式。
绑缚与调教(bondage & discipline,即B/D); 支配与臣服(dominance & submission,即D/S); 施虐与受虐(sadism & masochism,即S/M)。
在大多数时候说的sm,其实说的就是ds。 一般人对ds基本都是从文学作品、影视或者某院来了解的。  而从BDSM团体裏的 资深人士们那裏道听回来的 都一致性的 表示:这些渠道往往存在各种扭曲和不完善。
比如过度YY(意淫); 比如过度美化; 比如不公平的欺压拐骗,持势凌人; 比如有意识地错误引导等。
旅程的開始: 我先生引用的名言: “Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent than the one derived from fear of punishment.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
我俩的关系建立后, (kitten 是他用来专称我的。其他女人,他尽其情感关系也只用 sweetie 来称她们。) 我先生给我要守的律例: The Mark - Never remove Sir’s mark from your body. Always remember this mark is the symbol of our marriage and your submission to Sir. Title - Always use “Sir” or “Master” when in private. New Rituals - Review this Rituals page once a week. Skirt - Whether in public or in private with Sir, only wear skirts approved by Sir. Panties - When meeting with Sir you are to wear only approved panties beneath your skirt. Panthose, tights, shorts and slacks are forbidden. Thigh high stockings are acceptable. Sir enjoys direct access to your panties. Commitments - Never neglect your commitments to your marriage, your family, your work or yourself. Remember - Sir loves you very much. Stretching - Once a day perform your stretches for Sir. Sit on the floor, place your legs straight out in front of you and spread them as wide as you can without pain. Put one hand on top of the other and reach towards your right foot. Stretch forward, place your hands on your shin and hold for three seconds. Repeat for a total of five times on each foot. Each day work towards opening your legs a little more and reaching your hands further towards your feet. Be sure to stretch as far as you can. You should experience discomfort but not pain. Your goal is to improve your flexibility to better fulfill your role as Sir’s slut. Punishment - If you fail to perform any Ritual you will be punished. When this happens you must tell Sir what you did or did not do and ask him for punishment. Sir will determine and give the appropriate punishment. If you fail to perform a task given to you by Sir, you must tell Sir what you did or did not do and ask him for punishment. Sir will determine if a punishment is necessary or if discussion is more appropriate. If you fail to tell Sir that you failed in a Ritual or task and ask for punishment, Sir will administer extra punishment at his discretion. Journal - Write one or more blog entries each month on our blog.You must submit them by 8:00 pm on the last day of the month. Each entry must contain your thoughts, feelings and reactions to an aspect of our D/s relationship. You can only include factual recounts of our interactions if they are accompanied by your thoughts, feeling and reactions to that specific event. You must review and edit each entry twice before posting to ensure you are using your best writing and grammatical style. kitten’s Needs - Once a week ask Sir for something you want for kitten. Sir loves you and wants to fulfill your needs. Communication is important. Presentation - When in private with Sir for the first time each day, kneel in front of Sir. Spread your skirt around you so your bare legs are touching the ground. Look into Sir’s eyes and say, “It is my pleasure to serve you. Command me and I will do anything for you Sir.” Wait for Sir to acknowledges your statement. When he is ready for inspection, bend over Sir’s lap, facing to Sir’s left, raise your skirt and pull your panties down. Stretch your arms out above your head. Wait for Sir’s inspection.

All rituals below this are suspended until further notice Reminder - While in bed, find some quiet time and relax. Close your eyes and picture us together and feel my hands on you. Pinch your nipples and say “Yes Sir. Yes Sir. Yes Sir.” Perform this Ritual once a day, preferably in the morning while you are warm in your bed and relaxed. More details are here. ~Sir