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Follow Your Conscience, SAVE AMERICA! What really makes America THE America? What makes America truly EXCEPTIONAL? Are we born smartest, working hardest, or always blessed with the best luck? Will our world-class universities, or aircraft carriers assure our superiority in the future? America is exceptional because we have the society, the system, and the culture bringing the best out of its people. America's prosperity, warmness, and opportunities continuously provide such a wonderful place for its citizens, and attract the best talents all over the world, together making America exceptional. We are exceptional because we empower each other to outperform, to be super individuals collectively. We are self-reliant and confident to solve problems instead of relying on a political leader promising such as I alone will solve it for you. America offers great opportunities as long as you make your efforts; it is not a great tribe where an individual is entitled to good things if he/she is part of it, or his/her relatives have done a great job previously. When things get tough sometimes, we should get together to fix, instead of hating each other or ones who are different, pointing finger, and demanding being taken care of, which makes us fall prey to politicians telling us it is all because of 'them', evils, neighboring rapists, … This is how a political genius would acquire absolute loyalty even if he would kill someone on fifth Ave, because he hits the nail straight to the ugly spot of our hearts, owns our soul, even subdues an evangelical despite of a proven incidence paying a prostitute over a hundred thousand dollar to shut up. He even started an exhortation that he is the chosen one by GOD. This sounds too familiar to many Asian American immigrants who came from places where authoritarians make themselves Godly above people legitimizing the obedience of their loyal subjects. When the President openly calls Proud Boys, categorized by FBI as an extremist group, to stand by, it reminds us the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution, when the Dictator called on his supporters to oppress all different political voices as unpatriotic. Patriotism is from people's hearts, like flags raised all over the country spontaneously right after the 9/11. Mountains of flags in Germany in 1930-40s is a distorted patriotism when leaders try to facilitate the obedience and uniformity, shutting off the thinking, the sense of basic decency, and common senses. US is sure not Nazi Germany, however, our broken political system cannot automatically prevent the extreme political phenomena like the 2016 election. A small portion of political craziness could tip off the balance in a polarized political landscape, and causes the dire consequence. Many voted for the candidate after a few televised debates because they are deeply touched by his WORDS sympathizing their pain caused by dirty politicians, greedy corporates, and foreign evils, and promising an easy fix. While people are excited by chanting 'lock her up', 'build that wall', 'Mexicans pay for it', not many actually demand a due diligent process to know the person really well. They will vote for him again despite that none of chanted wishes got done. The president does deserve a credit for a major tax cut, serving no purpose though of a small government when the spending was not cut and the deficit hikes. However, those deluded believers do not care much about that in the first place. They had great satisfaction chanting those three-words out which could have been pressed down deeply along with some other desires; we all have our dark sides which could be manipulated by smart politicians. Selecting the US president, the most powerful position in the World, is becoming like a reality show or a small purchasing when we make our decisions based on a sales pitch. Our two party system with a primary and final often make us choose a less evil, the least stinky. Our election process and political system needs a serious reform, with more transparent track records of our candidates, better ways making our choices, and voting methods in the 21st century; our powerful country needs a reboot. Making America great again starts from all sides coming together, to heal a divided nation. We don't need a smart-pants president who knows everything including the best medicine curing COVID-19, who empowers only his base to run over political oppositions. We need a president with empathy, integrity, and broadness capable of bringing all sides to the table to find the common ground, work together overcoming serious challenges ahead. America first is for all Americans, not just Americans on one side. As former Governor John Kasich pointed out recently, America is at the cross road. We might disagree with each other on a policy, but we can all agree a divided America will decline and sink hurting us all. Who should we give our vote now? What if we disagree with many policies from Joe Biden? To Trump, or not to Trump, that is the question. Follow Your Conscience, The future of our families, our communities, our great nation, and the World is at stake! Vote for Joe Biden, SAVE AMERICA!
Haribough 发表于 2020-10-29 17:17

什么破玩意啊?连个像样的网站都做不出来?这年头了,还不加密?还好意思代表亚裔? 切。他们代表亚裔,那我就是宇宙中心亚裔大总统。

这事儿我还真知道。Asian GOP是一个Florida的叫Cliff Li的人自己搞的草台班子,曾经在2016年挺川因而和RNC与Trump Campaign有合作,但2018年因为Trump Campaign发现他涉嫌与中共有往来终止了合作,Asian GOP是一个人的台子,与共和党没有任何关系
ocyoyo 发表于 2020-10-29 17:29

川粉还打过Chinese Americans for trump呢,谁给你们这么大的脸代表我们了又 今年到还没看见,也许是还没决定打Chinese Americans or Chinese virus for trump?要点脸吧
要是不是网站被黑的话 Facebook的官方Page评论和转发也都很零星啊.
这事儿我还真知道。Asian GOP是一个Florida的叫Cliff Li的人自己搞的草台班子,曾经在2016年挺川因而和RNC与Trump Campaign有合作,但2018年因为Trump Campaign发现他涉嫌与中共有往来终止了合作,Asian GOP是一个人的台子,与共和党没有任何关系
quace 发表于 2020-10-29 17:26

Hard-working ,Family, Personal Responsibility 
这几条和民主党的宗旨不符啊。AA, LGBTQ。。。, BLM