everyone is spy

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Sherry Chen, a hydrologist at the National Weather Service, sent publicly available info to an old classmate in China and referred that person to a colleague for further information. The colleague reported her as a potential spy, and she was arrested in October 2014. Charges were dropped in March 2015, but the National Weather Service has refused to give Chen her job back.
...sudden arrests and long investigations during which any minor slip-up—even forgetting a date during an interrogation, as happened to Sherry Chen—becomes a lie that proves the crime.
Xiaoxing Xi, then chair of the Temple University physics department, was arrested in May 2015 for sending plans to a device used in semiconductor research, known as a “pocket heater,” to China. The plans were not of a pocket heater; investigators without the proper scientific background had mixed them up. The charges were dropped in September of last year.
... the information Xi shared as part of "typical academic collaboration" was about a different device, which Xi co-invented and which is not restricted technology.[6]
...The professor, Xi Xiaoxing, now says it was not an innocent mistake. In a federal lawsuit he filed on Wednesday, he accused the lead F.B.I. agent of falsifying the key piece of evidence and ignoring repeated warnings that he was investigating an innocent man. ...Dr. Xi’s lawsuit asserts that the F.B.I. agent, Andrew Haugen, knew what the blueprints showed from the beginning. Lawyers for Dr. Xi said that an inventor of the pocket heater told Mr. Haugen that he had misread the blueprints.
... Dr. Xi returned to teaching after the case was dismissed, but he said he and his family remained in constant fear. “We always are afraid that, everything we’re doing, the F.B.I. is listening and some of the things we say or do may be twisted,” he said. “That fear is in the back of our mind all the time.”
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Now talking about PTA or school stuff is spy, what's next?
同情运气不好,但大部分或者vast majority 华人的生活目前如常。
一条鱼腥了一锅汤。为什么没有人说韩国和日本人是人人间谍呢? 我都做好最坏准备,进华人集中营。