Secret! Who are the Chinese “fleeing experts” that Guo Wengu

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Today, the United States has become the world’s most severe country with COVID-19. The Trump administration’s poor performance in epidemic prevention and control and poor coordination and policy enforcement capabilities have been criticized by all parties. Everyone knows precisely that the US general election is approaching, and Trump’s situation is already omnipresent. Therefore, Trump’s desire for COVID-19 vaccine is no less than that of dying patient lying on the bed. Not long ago, U.S. offered “Large Sum” to Cure Vac,a German biopharmaceutical company,for access to COVID-19 vaccine research. To which, the German Health Minister, Jens Spahn, said a takeover of CureVac by the Trump administration was “off the table”. Trump had set his sights on China again. A few days ago, the FBI issued a so-called report saying that Chinese hackers were trying to steal information about Covid-19 vaccine research in the United States. This kind of report clearly showed that Trump was very anxious, because this smear was too low-level. As we all knew, China had made great achievements in the fight against Covid-19, and its research on vaccines had taken the lead in the world. Shouldn’t it be the U.S. that stole the results of China’s vaccine research? After being angered by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United States abruptly stopped talking about such unbelievable reports. Why? Because the United States had another way. Recently, Guo Wengui and Stephen K. Bannon suddenly announced to the world that an important expert from China’s public health laboratory fled to the United States, and they were so complacent about that. We all knew that Guo Wengui and Bannon were good at braging, but I still carefully studied this so-called expert of the China Public Health Laboratory in their mouths, and also confirmed the relevant information with the insiders. The results were shocking... It turned out that Guo Wengui and Bannon were not only keen to deceive the Chinese, but this time even their American master had been cheated by them... Yan Limeng, a researcher at the Public Health Laboratory of the University of Hong Kong, was the so-called “Chinese public health laboratory research expert” who Guo Wengui and Bannon handed over to their master. Don’t be bluffed by the name of Yan’s “expert”. Although the Public Health Laboratory of the University of Hong Kong was engaged in research on highly infectious viruses such as influenza and coronavirus, it was not a national key laboratory, and far from with such a high reputation. Her relevant research data and periodic research results were available in international academic journals. Besides, Yan Limeng was not a so-called expert. She was only in her 30s, and was just the most basic researcher in the laboratory. Her main job was to conduct experiments with hamsters, analyze the pathological reactions and infectivity, even had no access to any internal data. Although during the outbreak of Covid-19, her laboratory published a related paper in Nature, Yan Limeng was just one of the co-authors. The main content of the paper was to describe the symptoms of hamsters infected with the new coronavirus compared with the symptoms after human infection, and did not involve the development of vaccines and antiviral drugs. To put it bluntly, this so-called vaccine researcher who fled to the United States, was a young girl who gave a hamster an injection and monitored it. How could Guo Wengui pick such a “Stupid and Sweet” to fool his American master? We all knew that Guo Wengui originally had a special hobby for young women. He raped his assistants, and committed adultery with his female assistant Wang Yanping who aborted several times. In the eyes of Guo Wengui, women in white coats like Yan Limeng was just like “temptation of a uniform”, so it was hard for Yan to escape his claws. More importantly, Yan Limeng did indeed have all kinds of conditions for him to deceive coercion. According to Yan’s classmates, she used to have excellent grades in school and her family conditions were also excellent. After arriving in Hong Kong, she was named as a researcher at the laboratory of the University of Hong Kong, but all she did was studying hamsters. Besides, she lived a very poor life in Hong Kong, and rented a house of less than 30 square meters, so she had to rely on her parents in the mainland to support her. Under the dual pressure of work and life, Yan Limeng once suffered from depressive disorder for a time, and had a very negative view of society. She often posted some extreme comments on the Internet. She also mentioned to her classmates and friends that she hoped to do some high-end research work in the United States with a good salary and self-realization. Her words were full of yearning. By chance, Yan Limeng met Guo Wengui and his myrmidon Luther online. After knowing Yan’s identity, Guo Wengui  began to contact her frequently. He promised to give her the shares of his company, a huge bonus and chance to work in the United States. Under such a temptation, Yan fled away like a moth to a flame. It was a pity that Yan Limeng didn’t know what Guo Wengui and Bannon prepared for her was not a delicate laboratory, but a gorgeous “cage”.
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