PIP experience and get promoted after that

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Sorry I cannot type Chinese.
Refer to the PIP topic that girl worked for a CPA firm, I come here to share my true experience.

I worked in one of top ten CPA firm as an auditor. After 6 months, I took the PTO and traveled back to China. while I was on my PTO, I got that stupid PIP. That was the first time I heard such a thing. I had no idea what it was. I tried ask people around, but no one could give me a good answer. I had bad feeling it was not good thing, so I did not ask too many people neither.

When I got back from travel, my manager also my coach (a Taiwanese guy ) walk through the reasons wrote on PIP. It said I mad error on documentation, rely on others to report my work, I had communication problem. I felt like it should not be a such big deal. It must someone did not like me. Especially, this Taiwanese guy said I relied on others report my work. I knew it must be him wrote that. Then, he asked me to sign it. I was feeling like that was bullshit but I still sign that PIP, and told him that you should told me earlier not six months later when the project was done.

Then my partner go over this PIP with me, and said you signed it. She also asked me whether any manger contacted me about my feedback. I told her no one did. I had no idea what was the process of feedback should be. So, I stared to generate personal talk with each manager that I worked with, and documented what they said objectively. I notice that some one of them not said negative thing at all, some of them even said positive about my feedback. That was kind my feeling about that PIP, it was not address the truth. So, I documented all project name, manager name, time, where the conversation handled. I turned it over to my partner. She replied back said thanks for effort did that. Then, I switched to a new project and also switched to my new coach. Of course I was frustrated about the whole thing, and feeling hopeless since one one can give me guidance what was best benefit active to take after received that PIP. The fiscal year, I did not get any salary rise because of PIP. Two months later, my new coach wrote the feedback about my work on new project, she was impressed by my knowledge of using software. She wrote positive thing and also said things I need improve. She did not say I have documentation error and rely on others to report. She also mentioned my communication was good enough in the work environment. So, the end of that year, my partner talked to me and said that PIP would be closed. From the start of PIP to end of close, it took me 5 moths.

I thought about to change my jobs, but I felt like if I did not dig out that was happened, and I probably felt bad about myself. That feeling will impact my future and self-esteem. That whole thing should not be my fault. So, I stayed after they closed my PIP. The second year, I worked very hard, and took lead on that project. My new manager was very happy and she liked me a lot. I let her totally hands off. I also helped her for another projects. Then I started have good reputation in the firm. A lot managers wanted me to work with them except that Taiwanese guy obviously. I told my manager that I should get promoted to Senior level. She, other managers and also partner all agreed. So, I got promoted and salary rise. Meanwhile, I also looking for a better opportunity. I got a good offer from a much better company. When I leave, my manager and leadership in the firm even try to counter offer. They said I can always can back whenever I wanted to.

I wrote this my true personal experience to tell someone who may run into this similar situation that when things happened, it may not our fault. It is just out of control, what we need do is to calm down, try to turn this situation as much as we can to benefit ourselves. Of course, walk away from your current situation can be a good benefit too. It all depends on your choice.But once you made that decision, learn from it, and let it go.

Again, sorry I cannot type a Chinese. Tried my best to write English.
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You did GREAT job and thanks for sharing!
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good job gal, happy for you
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Thanks for sharing!
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It’s very case by case. Luckily the partner is objective to judge. If the Manager is the partner‘s golden boy, no hope to fight this PIP. It’s wise to note what is best for you.