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Angii Chong I was recently told someone deleted me off of their Facebook because of my active and positive posts about President Trump. She was upset because as a minority and of asian decent, I shouldn't support our President because he is a racist and evil leader. Besides this comment, because I support Trump and the Republican Party, I have been called "a mail-order bride" and told my political opinion doesn't matter because "I was from China anyway". It has been made clear to me that too many people who oppose the Republican Party and Trump, anyone who supports Trump is a racist bigot who is uneducated and lacks a moral compass. But at the same time, it has also been made clear, contrary to this ideology, the color of my skin and family decent is a precursor to the political party I should be affiliated to. This is the definition of racism. When I turned 18, Obama ran for his 1st term. I was so excited because I felt he was going to be a positive leader. Growing up, I was under the impression the Democratic Party was for the working class who had good morals and cared about people. I was also under the impression, the Republican Party was only for the rich who cared about themselves. I was close-minded and to be honest, I think my lack of life made me ignorant to what was happening around me - I never had bills to pay, taxes owed, healthcare insurance to worry about or any other adult-life duties. Life changed quickly. It became clear to me, things were turning south in our country - The race war was ramping, healthcare was getting only worse after a huge overhaul, and the middle class were being forgotten. Once I realized all of this, I decided to #walkaway. Since then and since my support of Trump, I have only been chastised and belittled for my political stance. I am not backing down anymore or hiding my support. Very proud of Trump for sticking up for America and doing what is best.



I love this site - makes me feel so not alone. My parents were brave enough to escape former soviet union and immigrated to US LEGALLY. They were staunch conservatives as most russian immigrants are. But as they were too busy working to make a better life for them and me, i was left unsupervised and brainwashed by the public school system into a democrat. I was taught that all republicans are racist and care only about rich people and only want to start wars all the time and only democrats have a heart and care about the poor and unfortunate. I remember arguing with my dad as he agreed with many things Reagan was saying and I was a rabid Mondale supporter. So many years later, still a democrat - having lots of good natured arguments with my conservative (russian) friends, I noticed all my arguments eventually came down to bush is a racist, and romney wears magic underwear. Just name calling - repeating the same low iq arguments i was programmed to regurgitate. I was happy in my ignorance. But then then obama and clinton came along. Initially I loved obama. He said all the right things, and was so smooth. In the back of my head I remembered the writings of washington Irving, and how the devil has a silver tongue - but it was overshadowed by my excitement over the prospects of a “black” president. Could this be the end of racism and bigotry in our country, the start of a new era? i was giddy with anticipation. But then reality sunk in. What a lying piece of shit he was. From the constant fake red lines, calling isis a jv team, doing nothing while boko haram slaughtered thousands of people, giving ransom money to Iran and stabbing Israel in the back numerous times! The wailing wall not part of Jewish history?!?! Really?!?!. So here comes clinton, i thought she would be good, as I still kind of liked bill. But the the accusation against her came out. Initially I was defending her and saying these things are not true. But then I realized they are. The one that finally made a crack in my cloud of libtardness was of her laughing at the 12 year old rape victim. This was a recording! People would spin it different ways but no one refuted it. One just has to listen to feel the disgusting emotionless persona she has. Then it was the email server and thousands of hacked files etc. i work in healtcare and if I so much as misplace 1 single record and cause a hippa infraction, I get fired on the spot. Here is a secretary of defense - the highest security clearance in the land, and she loses thousands of records and does not know what a “C” means?!?! And her smug face about it all. But then what was I to do? Trump seemed like such a loon and even worse - I was still in the holds of the media at this point. But then when they started saying he is a racist? The guy the black hip hop culture idolizes, the guy that won numerous awards for helping black community from naacp? And then insulting his wife and kids. That was just low. As much as I disliked him, and was willing to bash him for stupid ideas or bad policies, they could not come up with any. Just mud slinging - and a level of viciousness I had never seen before, even against bush (who I still despise for his lie of wmd’s and risking american soldiers lives). I ended up inadvertently defending him. Not because I liked him, but because the things being said were just so blatantly untrue. And So now I was being called a nazi, racist etc. for defending him. After a few times trying to plead my case, I gave up and said f-this, fine - I am a trump supporter now. They drove me to it. It was a difficult thing to do, and not only a trump supporter, but I now reject the democrat party for the vile slime that they are. It was like a religious moment, I saw the light and it was so refreshing! Like I could breath again. No more need to make excuses. And now the more I researched without the filter of the libtard foil on my head, I saw the truth - i.e. democrats started the kkk, were opposed to freeing slaves and are the most anti-semitic piles of shite out there. And the more I learned about trump - I love him now! I truly believe he is one of the best presidents we ever had and not even after a full term. I am only sad now that I never got a chance to have my dad see me “wake” up from my stupor and see the light of reason and common sense before he passed. How embarrassed I now feel for supporting people like mondale!!! Yuck. But it gives me hope. It makes me see that not all democrats are bad people. They are just lost and held prisoner. It was difficult for me to break free, but I did. That means others can and will as well. That is why I so love hearing these stories from you all as well. Makes me feel not so alone and gives me hope for the future!

爸妈是Soviet Union 的华裔小女孩了 ? 有图嘛 。
哪来的华裔,现在Twitter上面最红的"Walk Away“是黑人小姑娘Candace Owens, 已经上电视和左左PK了。





人家只是做个样子给拉丁裔看, 意思我们很关心你们, 真投票得罪中间选民和中左民主党, 马上中期选举,这么玩找死呢

早就知道民主党是什么货色了,佩洛西在支持者聚会上被非法移民狂吼:说好的保护我们呢? 真不知道私底下民主党为了选票答应了非移多少事

第一个华裔女孩写的真是典型,只要支持川普,你就是种族主义者、蠢货、冷血无爱心、道德低下……那些爱罪犯和非法移民的民主党支持者不踩死你不罢休。 ---发自Huaren 官方 iOS APP

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哪来的华裔,现在Twitter上面最红的"Walk Away“是黑人小姑娘Candace Owens, 已经上电视和左左PK了。

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靠瞎编自娱自乐-fake news 的功夫

"I believe that the people in the UK - Scotland, Ireland, as you know I have property in Ireland, I have property all over - I think that those people they like me a lot and they agree with me on immigration."

注意这段,是老川说的,“I believe that the people in the UK - Scotland, Ireland, “

动了什么手脚?把逗号改成破折号, 听说话怎么能听出破折号?误导!!!!





如今fake news居然成为了见怪不怪的常态。2016年不相信媒体的老美有30%,现在是80%

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