ZT怎样防止自己的vote遭遇选举作弊 - 大家集思广益一下

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there is a way to beat fixed “rigged machines. dont use them. there are
three ways the software can rig the machines vote tallies 1] the machine
flips trump votes to hilliary votes, no votes for trump on the machine none to flip. 2] the machine has a preset percentage tally say 54% hilliary 27%
trump 19 percent others no trump votes on the machine and it actually gives trump votes he never got. 3] it adds extra votes for hilliary this is very
risky for them to do as you could call the machine into question with more
votes then voters so probably would not be used. in the event it was and the machines were caled into question paper ballots would stand as they are
verifiable. if your voting trump ask for a paper ballot they have to give
you one if you request it, its the law. this is the best bet to keep rigged machines from altering the election.

2. Roger Stone 建的防做弊网站。大家去看看。https://ctrag.nationbuilder.com/

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