Shipping Furniture from China

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Anyone has experience shipping furniture from China to the US? I'm thinking about doing it but I have a couple of questions/concerns -
- My shipment includes a branded piano. According to the shipping company in China, any branded stuff will not be able to clear at the customs unless I get rid of the LOGO...does that sound reasonable?

- The shipping company will arrange delivery to my house from the port. But they didn't specify what kind of truck they will be using for delivery - I'm hoping they are not using the humongous container trucks as I live in a gated community and not sure if it will be able to come in. Maybe my worries are not necessary.

- If I have a Chinese passport with green card then tariffs are not applicable - is this the case?  

I would really appreciate it if someone can share their prior experience with me if they have gone through the same process.
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