I started to practice Kneeling or Japanese sitting

楼主 (文学城)

Tired of sitting on chairs, since last week, I've started to practice the tradition of sitting on kneels (Kneeling or Japanese sitting).



For the first several tries, I felt pain and a little bored. Soon I found a trick, kneeling while eating. Today at home, I used this trick to eat my lunch noodles. Everything's fine. I felt happy, comfortable, and half an hour passed quickly.

It is said that kneeling for a while every day is good for our health. Here I recommend you to have a try. :-)

You'd better put a cushion under your feet. It's Soft!

I even wore my shoes, and sandwiched a chopping board between my buttocks and my shoes. It's Solid!

Just after few days of practice, you may want to remove the chopping board (maybe smelled sweet), the shoes, and even the cushions under your feet.