【ToYouToMe】【送温暖】Have You Filled A Bucket Today?

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"Have You Filled A Bucket Today" Is a picture book for kids. My daughter received this book as a birthday present on her 5th birthday. One of her friends from daycare gave it to her. It's a very sweet, warm, and cute book. I used to read it to her at night. 

This month's program "送温暖”somehow reminded me of this book.  Filling a bucket is "送温暖", isn't it?

It's easy to fill a bucket. A understanding smile could fill someone's bucket. A few understanding words would do it too. It doesn't cost anything, and it doesn't take much time either. It only takes a kind, warm, and willing heart. 

Did I fill your bucket? :)))


It's the Mid-Autumn Festival! Happy Mooncake Day!!!

Wish you all LOVE and HAPPINESS!







A Warm Autumn Afternoon

      -- Sweetbug


A warm Autumn breeze gently brushes

Through the wind chime

Hung from the eaves.

The crisp and sweet melody

Brings a smile up on my face.


A humming bird hovers over

The still wildly blooming mexican sages.

Its long beak is busying with drawing

Nectar from within

The small trumpet shaped flowers.


A white butterfly flutters its delicate wings,

Dancing among the flowers.


Above, in the distant sky

A vulture is circling gracefully around.


Peace, warmth, and sweetness in harmony 

fills the air.

Lying in my hammock,

My mind drifts with the clouds

To the far land where you stand.








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