楼主 (文学城)
The day when I retire by mid autumn in 2040, I eat a piece Apple Pie in morning and feel sweet.   the world looks peaceful and beautiful with calm wind and red wine.   Put on my Apple I-Glasses while charging my Tesla off HW I-95,  behind a car with a plate " I believe you can",   I could see peach flowers on my dog wood from distance,  I see Mr. J celebrating his 18th e-book with his 6 kids.    Zooming out, I see the famous forest poet, in Shaanxi help digging  and protecting Qin warriors, in his hands I see a pretty jade from China's once and only Queen; Standing next to the poet is a silent and  old scholar carving calligraphy into stones day and night (with candle light).   Zooming far away, I also see the legendary lady (aka Ms.What?) chasing her mermaids all over Europe, and  I see you, the old handsome boy singing love songs at-top of  sky mountain in China morning time, while his father smiling from heaven.   Locally with zooming in, I see the smiling Y-Y lady still teaching her master how to make a great leek-stuffed-bun; while Mickey Mouse's uncle is asking his cat, why do my peach trees have got only 4 peaches each season? the cat says, the sweet and terribly green bugs came at night and ate them, the uncle shakes his head and goes back to sing his tender poems.     I put down my i-glasses and check any news from my favored Wxc Chanel - "Get a laugh", with a cup of tea; my forever young brother is telling a Tang dynasty's funny story, female listeners chat about having a grandson after he has got 3 granddaughters.   I feel good after seeing all old but still active wxc people happy and well.  Try my newly learnt Spanish word, "comienzo" (taughed by teacher M), my Tesla starts coming back quietly onto I-95 south, my left front is vast white plain and my first night after retirement expects to be in Hawaii, Siri just telling me my flight confirmation number (654YES).   See you in Autumn 2040, did I miss anyone, no - normally I don't miss anyone.    Enjoy the life journey and a full moon. Or see video below on how sun is beautifully set with an old song for 2040.