楼主 (文学城)



有一双梦想的翅膀    在时间的航道上   



展翼 盼望与万水千山 在远方相遇 



一路旅程  送给自己最好的礼物 



是沿途的旖旎风光   在绿色的风里放慢飞速  



经过绚烂的春  和一树的盛夏  听几只蝉鸣 



待到桂花飘香  月色正明  与斑斓的秋天深情拥抱  



再与冬雪一起舞蹈  点缀银装素裹的世界 











Fly~ fly ~ fly with the wings of dreams in the course of time. We look forward to meeting with a thousand lands and mountains far Away.The best gift we can get is the beautiful scenery along the journey. We slow down in the green wind, passing through the beautiful spring and summer, and listening to cicadas singing on the trees. When the laurel is fragrant and the moon is bright, we embrace the colorful autumn. In winter we may dance with the snow and decorate the silvery world. Let's open the picture book of life in the four seasons,and continue to fly towards the sea and stars.