【ToYouToMe】【求安慰】【送温暖】哼唱仙姑的Pink Rock

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Pink Rock












Pink Rock

Lyrics by Fairy He:


I was checking his heart

Is pure is it also red

Under the microscope it bares all its fault

I saw the broken needles I spot out the discoid

In the weeping fracture

I was about to make a call


But The little red rock flipped out of my tweezers

In the air I heard a little ding

It's always recovered

All its hidden places not that deep

Couple of times took less than forever

But tonight it is no where to be found


I touched all the corners of his world

I drained out all the oceans growing him up

At last I pulled out the fluorescent

Screen the night

The constellations light up the milky dark

But he is no where to be found

My little red rock not even in the shape of a heart

In the light

It is no where to be found