【ChildhoodFantasy】"Guns. Lots of guns" - John Wick

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When I was a little boy, I played all sorts of toys and games in those good old days. If you have ever watched the movie "阳光灿烂的日子“, that was the kind of childhood which I lived and would never forget.

Among those toys, I liked toy guns most, all sorts of them: the revolver in Western movies, Mauser C96 - 盒子炮/驳壳枪 used by 双枪李向阳 in the movie "平原游击队",and the Browning Hi-Power in War movies. There was not a single rifle though, not even an air gun. Probably because it would cost a fortune in those poor but happy days:).

The first real gun that I saw in my life was the one held by a military guard at the gate of the Air Force Base where my father worked. It was a Type-56 assault rifle, a copy of the well-known AK-47. It was not until many years later that I held and fired a real gun for the first time in college military training.

Fast forwarding to today, my child dream came true: I have my own guns. I am not a crazy gun supporter. Gun, it is part of American history and culture. 

It is time to show some classic guns. Pictures are downloaded from the Internet.

Colt Single Action Army, aka. Peacemaker, M1873


Mauser C96,盒子炮/驳壳枪

Browning Hi-Power

Walther PPK - James Bond 007

Beretta M9 or 92FS - 小马哥之英雄本色


Sig Sauer P226 西格手枪


HK VP9 Striker fired hand gun


Winchester model 70 bolt action hunting rifle


SAKO 85 bolt action hunting rifle