【ChildhoodFantasy】Everyone be an anchor in MYSJ

楼主 (文学城)
      One of MYSJ’s slogans is ”Everyone be an anchor."   You may wonder where it comes from.         When I was in my elementary school Grade II. One day, when I was taking a class, I was asked by my class teacher to go to the recording room. She and another teacher asked me to read the Aesop's fable "A crow drinking water " in the textbook.  The beginning was  ”A crow was thirsty. He was looking for water everywhere. "  My teacher asked me to  emphasize  the word "everywhere" to show how hard  it was to find water. It was the very beginning when I had the public speaking training. My recording of the fable was finished in 45 minutes. When it was played in the teachers' office, I could not believe it was my voice as it sounded exactly like a radio voice.:) And then it was played in every class of my grade. Soon after, I was selected as the MC of my elementary school which was more than 1000 students. I was trained in my expression management and my posture, such as including 丁字步,etc etc at that time.  I hosted all kinds of school events including the yearly International Children's Holiday.  Maybe because I had the public speaking training so early, I became very brave and confident since then.  And I believe that as long as you work hard, you would be successful.          That is why I  insist that EVERYONE takes turns to be anchors in MYSJ to host all kinds of programs. It would be helpful in training one's confidence , responsibility and the time management ability.           Everyone be an anchor in MYSJ!       Go for it!