【ChildhoodFantasy】 firefly

楼主 (文学城)
Since weather permitted my wife and I had resumed our after dinner walking. We had a late dinner this evening. It was fairly dark outside however the night unveiled lots of funs that  concealed under daylight. The trails and bushes are full of fireflies , a fairy world to two old kids.  The fireflies also come out during daytime but cannt be seen by naked eyes.  She was born and spent her childhood in the mountain region of GuiZhou province.   Her childhood was full of wild fantacies, climbing trees,climbing over mountains, fishing in the creek,etc. etc.  and catching fireflies and  collecting fireflies in a glass bottle. How could you do that, seems to me the fireflies never stay still more than a sceond? Yes, they do, keep following the lights, aha, I got one. Okay, seeing is believing, the firefly hunter is real.   1. Last summer I went out one night with my tripod trying to catch fireflies without much success , coz they were sparse at the night. I dont have a tripod in hand tonight.  hand-held my camera, 6 seconds exposure time, face the light,  got lucker this time, two fireflies crossed my image field.  The two trajectories generated by two fireflies appears as dotted lines meaning the lights of fireflies are pulsed lights in stead of continuous lights.

2.  caught one

3. climbed over

4. lit up her pandora bracelet

5. see the bug?

6. the firfly journeyed into her hair

7. reached the summit of her head


firefly by Owl City