【E外桃源】My secret lover

楼主 (文学城)

I first heard about her from a few friends. " She is so beautiful. You should go and see her" said they.

Since then, I had been dreaming to see her someday

Finally, in that August of that year, I came in front of her. I was stuned for a few minutes . The word "Beautiful" is too plain to descripte her. She is romantic! She is breathtaking! She is gorgeous! I couldn't help falling in love with her.

I came back to see her again in the August of next year.

I came back again and again in the August of the year after year.

Whenever I think about her,she brings me sunshine, she puts smile on my face, she fill my soul with peace.

OK. No more secret. She is the Grotto in the Bruce Peninsula National Park of Canada, located near Tobermory, Ontario.

The Grotto is a scenic cave containing a pool of cristal clear turquoise water, with fascinating rocks and intricate cave structures. It opens right onto the picturesque Georgian Bay.

You can swim and snorkel in the water or just dip your feet in it. If you are fearless enough, you can do cliff diving.

I am an old lady. What I like doing is to scramble up and down the rocks very carefully. Sometimes, I just find myself a delightful spot to sit on, either in the sunshine or under the shade of trees, enjoying the marvelous view, breathing in great gulps of the fresh air and listening to the orchestra sounds played by wind, rocks, water and trees.

It is soothing to my soul.

The Grotto is a very popular place to visit in July and August. You have to book a 4 hour reservation timeslot online in advance in order to secure a parking space and the parking lot fills out very quickly.

If you don't want to be retrained by the 4 hour limit or if you want to visit Grotto anytime you want, there is another option. That is to book a campsite at the Cyprus Lake Campground nearby.

There is a nice hiking trail from the campgound to the Grotto. It is about 45 minutes each way; along the way, you'll see amazing vistas, ancient cedar trees with root spiraling on the groud, moss-covered rocks, a multitude of orchids and ferns, birds, and so much more!

But, as you can imagine, the campground is very popular too, it get booked out very quickly in summer season. Plan ahead to avoid disappointment!

Some people say:

The world is big
you should go further to explore
there are more wonders down the roads.

I say:

The life is short,
I've found the one which is close to my soul
I just want to enjoy it to the fullest.

Oh, the Grotto,

I will love you forever,
until the water go dry
the rocks melt down
the Sun ceastes to rise

Oh, the Grotto,

I will come to see you again and again
as long as my heart beats
my legs work
I still have breath