【E外桃源】I'm here for the coursing stream and the White Beaches

楼主 (文学城)

Don't ask me where I'm from. My homeland is faraway on the other side of the world. I'm here for the olive trees, the little chipping birds, the merrily coursing streams in the valley, and the cavemen mentioned in the books of San Mao.

In the Summer of 2008, I had an opportunity to visit Gran Canaria Island. 

Gran Canaria is one of Spain's Canary Islands, off northwestern Africa. It's wellknown for it's black lava and white sand beaches.

Its capital city, Las Palmas, is located in the northeastern part of the island. After a 26-hour flight, in a summer morning, we found ourselves in this exotic place. 

The beach in the above picure is Playa De Las Canteras. It's the largest beach in the city. I swam there every afternoon after my daily adeventury. The large building on the bottom left corner is Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, a fortress-like structure overlooking the beach. My husband had meetings there every day.


Guayadeque ravine and cave homes were my first day trip after a two-day rest and recovery from jetlag. The valley follows N-W/S-E direction, and separates the two Spanish municipalities of Ingenio and Aguimes. 

The Guayadeque stream flows along the bottom of the valley. It's a very refeshing to see a little stream merrily flowing in the middle of the hot, desert-like valley. I still remember the feeling when I sat at the bank of the stream listening to the pleasant water running sound after a long hike from the nearest city into the place where the cave homes are. I sat there thinking about how San Mao was feeling when she was there. Somehow, I felt I could relate myself to her. 

Cave church at cave village Barranco De Guayadeque. I was there and stood at the front doorway taking this picture. 

One of the cave homes.

This house was open for visitors to view.

Spain is famous for its ham. :)

This is a cave restaurant (El Centro) at Montana de las tirras, located at the head of the Guayadeque ravine. This young man was working there that day when I visited that place. I ate lunch there. There were not many visitors. I asked him if I could take a picture of him and his restaurant. He graciously posed for me. 

After lunch, I sat by the stream for a while and did some more hike around that area, then headed back to the small town to catch a bus going back to Las Palmas. I don't speak any Spanish, only a few words. I traveled alone only carrying a map of Gran Canaria and my backpack. 


Sand dunes at Maspalomas. 

The Maspolamas Dunes are sand dunes located on the south coast of the island of Gran Canaria. They have been protected as a nature reserve since 1987. They were formed by sand from the now subdued marine shelf, when it was laid dry during the last ice age and the wind blew the sand towards the coast of the island.

On second day trip, I took a bus from Las Palmas all the way down to the south tip of the Island, where Maspalomas is located. After getting off the bus, I tred through the sand dunes as if I were waling in a desert. Beyond the sand dunes is the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches there are gorgeous.

But be prepared, this is a nude beach. When walking down to the beach from the sand dunes, I was greeted by a group of naked people. Luckily, I went to a couple of nude beaches before, so I was not so shocked as the first time when I saw naked people walking towards me on a beach. I still vividly remember the first time when that happened. I turned around and ran back to my husband (then boyfriend) who was a few steps behind me.

That concluded my a few days of visit to Gran Canaria. If one day you have a chance to go there, don't forget to take a hike in the Guayadeque Ravine, visit the beaches at Maspalomas, and of course the capital city of Las Palomas!


Olive Tree (橄榄树)Covers Chi Yu

I'm having a very sad day. I was not able to do any work this morning, so I decided to work on this to distract myself from the sad thing. Life is still beautiful!






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