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I am an old person with older soul, always drawn to the ancient stuff - history, antiques, and lost civilizations.  It reached its peak after I read <Earth Chronicles > by Sitchin.  I am fascinated by prehistoric cultures, extraterrestrial civilizations, alien encounters, ancient records and myths, and unexplainable events.  As described in the books, my mind drifted on the ruins in the historical region of Western Asia situated within the Tigris-Euphrates River system, where Mesopotamia originated; it covers present-day Iraq, Kuwait, part of Syria and Turkey.  The earliest civilization (about 7000-8000 years ago) is recorded by Cuneiform on millions of Cuneiform tablets that have been discovered;of which, thousands of tablets have been read and translated.  Modern people are amazed by the ancient and highly developed culture which includes a well-established school system, library services, and the justice system (the code of Hammurabi, famous).  The ruin of the Ctesiphon is a jaw dropping discovery, a magnificent ancient city, only twenty miles away from modern Baghdad, was the royal capital of the Iranian empire.  To no one’s surprise regrettably, the entire city was destroyed and turned to the dust in the war, and only the archway of Chosroes , once a part of the royal palace, survived.  This huge arch was without supports.  Modern day architects and engineers are puzzled how ancient people built it as even with modern technologies, it would be challenging to build nowadays.  The half-human half- beast wall pictures still stand through thousands years, telling a continuous story.  When you roam the area, you are breathing history.   

我有一颗无可救药的老灵魂, 喜欢一切老旧的东西。 有着沉甸甸历史沉淀的古物, 失落的文明。 尤其在读了犹太裔历史大家西秦的《地球编年史》, 这个热爱达到顶峰。 史前文明, 地外文明, 外星人, 古历史记录, 神话传说, 谜团事件构成的宇宙让我着迷。书中描写的美索不达米亚文明及其的发源地两河流域自然牵引着我的目光。 两河流域, 覆盖今天的伊拉克, 科威特的大部分区域, 以及叙利亚和土耳其的部分区域。 别看现在已被战乱折腾的不成样子, 在7000至8000年甚至更早之前, 可是个牛到没朋友的地方。 该地区发掘出了上百万的楔型文字的泥板, 记述了政治, 宗教, 法律, 商业等一系列的社会活动。 从破译的几千块泥板记录中, 我们看到了成熟的学校教育系统, 收藏丰富的图书馆体系, 完善的法律条文机制(其中最著名的就是哈谟拉比法典)。  还有一个考古大发现就是距离现代巴格达只有20里的西泰封, 作为一座古老辉煌的王城, 虽已毫无悬念的被战火破坏殆尽, 但幸存的巨型拱门也足以让现代人惊叹, 无梁无柱的建筑结构, 还能屹立几千年不到, 让无数建筑师, 工程师抓破脑袋也想不通是如何做到的。 石墙上留下的栩栩如生的半人半兽壁画和拱门一起静立,穿越千年的时光, 讲述一个神奇的故事。 游荡其间, 一呼一吸间, 尽是历史的尘埃, 让人心醉。

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