【E外桃源】Dreams in Emerald Lake

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E外桃源】Dreams in Emerald Lake

Everyone has a dream; a dream exists in your memory for a whole life. No matter this dream is a fulfilled one, or one lives only in your mind, it always brightens your soul once your memory is touched by that dream.

For me, this dream is Emerald lake: a germ fells from heaven to Canadian  Rockies. Emerald lake is located in Field, Yoho National Park, British Columbia. It is famous for its stunning Emerald green/blue lake in the summer and offers an incredible winter wonderland in the winter months.

Emerald lake is spectacular in summer: Wildflowers, green/blue lake mirrors the images of surrounding rookies and forest. There is a hiking trail along the lake shore which attracts you to spend a whole day time to explore. The color of Emerald lake lures you with an impulse to immerge in the green/blue water. But, don’t jump into it! It is cold, absolutely cold.

More attractive are the green/blue roofed cabins on the island inside Emerald lake. The first time I saw the cabins in Emerald lake, I started to dream some days in the future I could have a cabin on this island. How splendid it would be to elope with you loved one and spend several nights here.

The Best Of All. There is a wedding ceremony place beside the lake shore, decorated by wild flowers, Emerald lake’s soft green water, and faraway the Rockies piecing into the clouds floating under the blue sky. If I could have another wedding ceremony, I will choose here. If I could live a second life, I will bring my loved one here to celebrate. Dear friends, if you are going to marry another time, please bring your loved one here. If you could come here and marry again, you will never regret your life. You possible could die hard or live freely if your wife knows your plan. Hahaha,

Winter in Emerald lake is a fairy wonderland! It is the best place to celebrate your Christmas. I would buy all the cabins on this island, and invite all my friends, including your guys from MJSY, to celebrate Christmas here with your family members, if I have enough funds. Even Santa would be jealous of us for sure.

Emerald lake is God’s jewelry, which falls into the earthly world.

OK, I stop bla-bla, and you check the proofs. Thx


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