【E外桃源】weekend with Tchaikovsky

楼主 (文学城)

 I was shopping in a  grocery store yesterday afternoon.

I heard one beautiful piano piece playing as store's background music.
Simple, deep, touched and overtones harmonic.
Somehow I knew it was one of Tchaikovsky's work but I didn't know the name of it.
I remembered the vivid melody and went back home searching the WIKIPEDIA.
Luckly I found the name is " Old French Song".
Please enjoy my classical guitar's record, it was simplified version of course:).

I don't like Russia and Russian very much because of the unpleasant history of our two nations.
But I love Tchaikovsky, 

I love St. Petersburg.

I love the painting" Barge Hauler on the Volga.

Hopefully I will visit Russia sometimes in the future.