My long time colleague and friend fired for sexual harasment

楼主 (文学城)

I just got a email from HR:
" Avi is no longer employed with the company".
That's it! No thanks, no explanation!

Avi is a middle aged happy black man, has one son one daughter, he is one of the most experienced electrician in our company. He likes to joke around and has a big mouth. unfortunately.

I called his personal cell phone immediately and knew what happened then.

Three months ago we hired a young girl, she is the first female field service technician our company hired.
She needs to work 8000 hours with a licensed technician before taking the government's exam and get the license.
She worked with me most of the time.
This morning I worked far away by myself and manager asked the girl working with Avi, he couldn't find her and saw a person standing in front of the work table preparing tools. Avi went forward and slapped his hip:" Hi, man! Did you see Vanessa?"
That person turned around, "HE" was Vanessa!
She went to HR complaining immediately and Avi got fired.
What a stupid and reckless decision HR and management just made!